Bare Dry-Suit Suspenders, One Size Only

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About Bare Dry-Suit Suspenders, One Size Only

You have a Bare Dry Suit and want to add Suspenders. If you don't have suspenders in you suit you are missing an important item for comfort. Suspenders give you two advantages, first they reduce the weight felt by the entire suit hanging from only your shoulders, and second they allow you to slip out of the upper part of the suit between dives to help you stay cool without complete removal of your suit.

The Bare Dry Suit Suspenders Fit all Bare Dry Suits Fabric or Neoprene that are equipped with the Per-Installed Suspender Tabs. These Heavy-Duty Branded Suspenders are Fully-Adjustable for a Custom Fit. Suspenders are made from Durable Nylon Webbing with Cushioned Shoulder Straps and Non-Corrosive Plastic Hardware. Suspenders have 4-Plastic Locking Clips for Quick-and-Easy Installation into your Bare or other Brand Dry Suit equipped with Suspender Tabs. Bare Suspenders are covered by a 24 month limited warranty.

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