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Bare Pair of Latex Wrist Seals - Conical, Black

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About Bare Pair of Latex Wrist Seals - Conical, Black

If you're tired of replacing your wrist seals once they have worn out this kit will make the task much easier from now on. No more extensive cleaning to prepare the surfaces for re-gluing seals, no more mess with the cement all over your fingers once you installed these Cuff-rings replacement of seals is as easy as opening and closing a zip-lock bag. The Kit uses the same concept design of a zip-lock bag to capture the Latex Wrist Seals save yourself lots of time and lessen your frustration when seals need changing. The Trilaminate Cuff-Ring System is a retro-fit system for all BARE dry suits that allows for instant replacement of wrist seals.

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