Blue Reef Neoprene Knife Leg Wrap 27"

Blue Reef Neoprene Knife Leg Wrap 27" Features

Our neoprene Knife Holster comfortably wraps around your leg, by means of two quick adjust Velcro leg straps. The knife holster secures your knife sheath's lower end in a neoprene pocket and the top end with an additional Velcro strap. Conveniently housing your knife in a rugged neoprene holster, that is comfortable on either a bare leg or over and exposure suit, this leg wrap unlike conventional knife sheaths does not irritate the leg with hard buckles pressing on the diver's soft angle tissue. The Knife holster ensures perfect adjustment to your leg, unlike belts with preset adjustments. It is the ideal knife-mounting system for stability and comfort.

Key Features

  • Soft Comfortable Neoprene Design
  • Rugged Durable Construction
  • Quick Adjust Velcro Straps
  • Won't Irritate Soft Ankle Tissue
  • Add Stability