Brightstar Darkbuster HID Dive Light

Brightstar Darkbuster HID Dive Light Features

What's in the box: - HID Light, Lantern Grip,, Wrist Lanyard, Home Charger, Car Charger.

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- Power 21W or 24W

- Light Output
21W: 1300 lm
24W:1750 lm

- Color Temperature 6800K

- Bulb Life
21W: 1200 hours
24W:1400 hours

- Bulb Structure Robust, tested by customers

- Warranty
Bulb: 60 days
Ballast: 60 days
Rechargeable Battery: 180 days

- Battery
1 SONY (4400mA) or SANYO's (5200mA) Li-ion battery pack, environmentally friendly, standard equipped
2 Rechargeable, discharge not necessary

- Burn Time 2 25-2 67 hours

- Size 4 3 inch diameter x 7 2 inch

- Weight
Air: 0 97 kg
Water: 0 05 kg * Adjustable

- Restart Time Instant

- Charger, adapter
1 standard equipped
2 Battery charger, especially designed for HID
3 With both indoor wall adapter & car cigarette adapter

- Way to charge light With a connector at light bottom, no need to open light

- Reflector Either spot or video

- Light Filter
Three light filters for different lighting purposes
Golden: to enhance visibility during rain, fog, snow, etc
Amber: to provide perfect color temperature, 5600K, for photography
Diffusion: to widen and soften light spot change of filters, user-friendly, mechanism with patent

- Safety
1 Fuse protected
2 Over- and low voltage protection
3 Open- and short-circuit protection

- Grip Both lantern and pistol style Spot Reflector To make the light more focused

The Brightstar Darkbuster HID Dive Light is commonly used for Recreational, Extreme Depths, Close-Up Viewing and more. The Brightstar Darkbuster HID Dive Light is most used by customers who consider themselves to be a Advanced Diver, Divemaster among others. The Brightstar Darkbuster HID Dive Light is popular because customers like the following qualities of the Brightstar Darkbuster HID Dive Light: High Intensity, Compact, Long Bulb Life, Reliable, Well-Focused.

Key Features

  • Waterproof to 200'
  • Equipped with Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery.
  • Chargeable indoors or in vehicle
  • Also workable out of water
  • Most effective light transmission
  • Blulb life is 10 x more longer than Halogen
  • Truer color fidelity - approximates the color temp of the sun
  • 24 - watt lamp rivals the brightness of 75 watt incandescents.
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