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Wreck Valley Vol II, by Daniel Berg

Wreck Valley Vol II, by Daniel Berg

Wreck Valley Vol II, by Daniel Berg Features

Wreck Valley II is the most comprehensive, accurate, illustrated collection of information, photographs, sketches and stories ever written about the wrecks that lie off Long Island, New York, and the New Jersey shore This book is a completely new updated, expanded, and enhanced edition of Daniel Berg's original Wreck Valley book Wreck Valley Vol II covers the history, legend, present condition, aquatic life, and pertinent dive information on over 90 shipwrecks This text includes over 265 illustrations, 137 color photographs, 97 black and white historical photographs, 32 sketches, and one map

The collection of historical photographs alone would take years of archive research to locate and would cost a small fortune if purchased separately Many of these rare photographs, have never before been published Wreck Valley Vol II also includes an accurate list of LORAN-C coordinates for many of the shipwrecks listed Divers, fishermen, marine historians, armchair sailors, or anyone with a general interest in history, diving, or the sea will surely find this book informative, fascinating, and the perfect addition to their library