The Technical Diving Handbook, by Gary Gentile

The Technical Diving Handbook, by Gary Gentile Features

The Ultimate Wreck-Diving Guide was the seminal book on technical diving: the primogenitor of its kind It was written at a time when nitrox, accelerated decompression, helium mixes, rebreathers, and other emerging techniques and technologies were yet in their infancy The publication of the original volume propelled deep diving into far deeper realms of the dark abyss

The Ultimate, as it came to be called, was considered pure heresy by those who opposed progress The purpose of the book was to introduce to the information-starved masses that a small group of exploratory divers was stretching the underwater envelope, and how they went about doing it Call it an awareness guide

Ignited by the author's vision, technical diving has taken off like a launched rocket, accelerating faster with each passing moment and carrying with it a payload of unknown dividends What began as new phase in the slow progress of underwater exploration has grown with lightning like speed

Evolution became revolution Almost overnight, the concepts of "high tech" and "extended range" diving entered the forefront of human awareness The rite of passage is over Technical diving has come of age Underwater explorers can now share the benefits of space-age spin-off hardware and developing decompression methodologies The present volume incorporates recent innovations that were unavailable until only a few years ago, and in some cases were nonexistent when its predecessor first saw print

Acquaint yourself now with such new and exciting devices as the programmable nitrox wrist decompression computer, the personal computer interface, the hoseless pressure gauge, a heads-up mask display, decompression software for laptops, a submersible electric heating pad, and more

Also included in this handbook are equations and tips for blending nitrox, trimix, heliox, and heliair; instructions on how to build an in-water oxygen decompression station; the procedures and the chemicals needed to clean tanks, valves, and regulators for oxygen service; and a complete chapter on how to plan and conduct expedition style mix-gas diving operations The previous book was the ultimate This one goes beyond

About the Author
Gary Gentile started his diving career in 1970 Since then, he has made more than 1,000 decompression dives, over 100 of them on the Andrea Doria He has specialized in wreck diving and shipwreck research, concentration on wrecks along the East Coast, from Newfoundland to Key West, and in the Great Lakes

He has written dozens of articles for magazines and has published thousands of photographs in books, periodicals, newspapers, brochures, museum displays, film and television He lectures extensively on wilderness and underwater topics, and conducts seminars on advanced wreck diving techniques and high-tech diving equipment He is the author of several books on nonfiction diving and nautical and shipwreck history

Key Features

  • Written by Veteran Deco Diver Gary Gentile
  • Ultimate Wreck-Diving Guide
  • Programmable Dive Computers
  • Heads-Up Mask Displays
  • Decompression Software for Laptops
  • Submersible Electronic Heating Pads
  • Blending Tips for Mixed Gases
  • How To on In-Water Oxygen Deco Station
  • Oxygen Service for Equipment
  • Plan and Conduct Mix-Gas Operations