Reef Fish Identification - Baja to Panama

Reef Fish Identification - Baja to Panama Features

Covering some 400 species, the authors (former co-editors of Ocean Realm magazine and co-founders of the Reef Environmental Education Foundation) present a guide that is designed to aid divers in the identification of fish found along the Pacific Ocean reefs off the coastline ranging from Baja, California to the Central American country of Panama. They have organized the material into identification groups that are based upon easily recognized features such as shape, swimming style, and color. Over 500 full color photographs of 400 species are included, often depicting the different life-phases of individual species. In addition to general descriptions and the photographs, entries provide information on size, depth range, abundance and distribution, habitat and behavior, and reactions to divers.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive Guide to Reef Fish From Baja to Panama
  • Features Over 500 Color Photos of 400 Species
  • Material Organized into Groups to make Identification Simple