The Lusitania Controversies, By Gary Gentile (Vol 1)


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About The Lusitania Controversies, By Gary Gentile (Vol 1)

The Lusitania is one of the most notorious shipwrecks in seafaring history, not only because of the circumstances of her sinking- the result of a German torpedo- or because of the enormous loss of life that resulted, but because the wreck has come to symbolize what is achievable in the realm of underwater exploration

This book, the first of two complete volumes, treads new ground- and water The untold story you will read in this book you will not have read before The Lusitania Controversies begins with the construction of the largest liner afloat at the time of her launching, in 1907, proceeds swiftly into war, and then takes the reader on a breathtaking sweep through wreck-diving history- from its meager beginnings in the 1950's to the epic-making mixed-gas diving expedition in 1994 and beyond

The Lusitania Controversies is also an intense, action packed autobiography of the world's foremost shipwreck explore
Book One covers the ship's career and loss, analyzes the controversial aftermath, explodes the myth of conspiracy, examines the impact the sinking made on history, and recounts the early attempts to dive on the twisted, rusted remains
Book One also details the early days of wreck diving: an exploratory activity that requires skill and dedication for successful achievement
Book One pauses in the 1970's- and this is where the sequel, Book Two: Dangerous Descents into Shipwrecks and Law, begins

About the Author
Gary Gentile started his diving career in 1970 Since then, he has made more than 1,000 decompression dives, over 100 of them on the Andrea Doria He has specialized in wreck diving and shipwreck research, concentration on wrecks along the East Coast, from Newfoundland to Key West, and in the Great Lakes

He has written dozens of articles for magazines and has published thousands of photographs in books, periodicals, newspapers, brochures, museum displays, film and television He lectures extensively on wilderness and underwater topics, and conducts seminars on advanced wreck diving techniques and high-tech diving equipment He is the author of several books on nonfiction diving and nautical and shipwreck history

The Lusitania Controversies, By Gary Gentile (Vol 1) Features

  • Written by Veteran Deco Diver Gary Gentile
  • Dramatic Black and White and Color Photographs
  • Early Exploration to Modern Tech-Diving of Today
  • Explodes the Myth of Conspiracy
  • Impact the Sinking Made on History

The Lusitania Controversies, By Gary Gentile (Vol 1) Specifications

Hardcover With Color Dust Jacket
Gary Gentile
6" X 9"
47 Color, 34 Black & White Photos
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