Marine of Florida & California I.D. Card

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Marine of Florida & California I.D. Card Features

If you are a Floridian Diver or are planning a trip to Florida, the Florida Keys or the Caribbean, this I.D. card is a must for underwater identification. This full-color invertebrate identification card allows you to know what local wildlife you are looking at when you see it. Card is waterproof and easily stored in your BCD pocket. This 6 X 9 inch (15 x 23 cm) plastic slate depicts 60-plus invertebrates in color drawings, and is hole-punched to secure a lanyard for underwater use.

Key Features

  • Depicts more than 60 Florida/Carribean invertebrates in color!
  • Waterproof and hole-punched for lanyard use underwater.
  • Compact size, 6 X 9 inches (15 x 23 cm), allows for easy storage in BCD pocket.