Essentials of Deeper Sport Diving, by John Lippmann.


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About Essentials of Deeper Sport Diving, by John Lippmann.

This volume a thorough discussion of the physiological, psychological and practical considerations of deeper diving It includes detailed information on the U S Navy Tables and alternative tables, as well as chapters on planning and conducting deeper dives including numerous methods of rigging decompression lines Check lists for dive leaders, divers, support personnel and equipment are given There are chapters on computer diving as well as commercial and deep mixed gas diving Written in a clear, straightforward style and illustrated with photographs, line drawings, charts and comparative tables, THE ESSENTIALS OF DEEPER SPORT DIVING is useful for all divers and an ideal text for deep diving courses This volume also makes an excellent adjunct reference for divemaster courses and for instructors To further increase its effectiveness, the most important points are repeated as bulleted highlights in the margin and each chapter has a summary

John Lippmann originally trained as a statistician and worked for many years as a mathematics lecturer He began diving some 30 years ago and has been a scuba instructor for more than 17 years Over the years, John developed an avid interest in diving accident management, deeper diving and decompression algorithms He has specialized in teaching deeper diving and dive accident management He is the author of The DAN Emergency Handbook, Deeper Into Diving, The Essentials of Deeper Diving, and Oxygen First Aid, and the co-author of Scuba Safety in Australia and First Aid and Emergency Care John's articles on diving safety have been regularly published in various diving journals throughout the world Many years ago, John developed oxygen programs for the Royal Life Saving Society-Australia for the non-diving community, as well as for the diving community and has subsequently spearheaded the DAN Oxygen Programs throughout the Asia-Pacific Region He is a consultant in oxygen administration and first aid for the Royal Life Saving Society, the Australian Red Cross Society, Swinburne University and various other community first aid organizations He is the foundation Executive Director of DAN S E Asia-Pacific and has spent the past years developing DAN's membership and training programs throughout the region

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John Lippmann
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