Essential Guide to Composition, By Jim Church

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About Essential Guide to Composition, By Jim Church

As the title indicates, this is an essential book for any underwater photographer Whether you are just starting to explore, or have a great deal of experience with, underwater photography- this book can help you It is packed with specific suggestions, hints, and instructions to help you get the underwater pictures you have been striving for In this book, Church brings together decades of professional underwater photography experience with his ability to impart information in a clear, concise, and understandable way As with Church's other books, the Essential Guide to Composition is practical, well illustrated, and preeminently useful

Specifically, Church explores the critical techniques of finding underwater subjects, composing images properly, isolating and placing the subject in your pictures, working with patterns, special lighting effects, and timing your shots In addition, Church explores the five basic wide-angle shots, communicating with your subject (when it happens to be another diver), and how to add "grace" to your images The text also includes appendices that provide useful references, and tips on choosing the proper distance and focusing

Essential Guide to Composition, By Jim Church Specifications

Jim Church
Aqua Quest Publications
6" X 9"
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