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Diving In High-Risk Environments, By Steven M. Barsky


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About Diving In High-Risk Environments, By Steven M. Barsky

Hammerhead Press is pleased to announce the publication of Diving in High-Risk Environments, 4th edition.

Diving in High-Risk Environments, 4th edition is the most complete text covering full-face masks, wireless communications, surface-supplied diving, dry suits, contaminated water, and potable water diving operations. This fourth edition has been extensively edited and revised with new material on risks, chemical testing, diving helmets, and more. If you are professionally employed in diving, this book is a must-have reference.

Many things have changed between the time Hammerhead Press published the third edition of Diving in High-Risk Environments and the publication of this new fourth edition. However, the event that had the biggest impact on professional divers, especially public safety divers, was undoubtedly the terrorist acts of September 11, 2001. For those that weren't aware of the hazards of diving in contaminated water, or chose to ignore them, the issue of the dangers in polluted water suddenly came into sharp focus.

For the public safety divers in many coastal cities and ports, hull searches of large vessels have become a regular part of their job. This means a daily exposure to the contaminants found in most harbors, as well as the possibility of exposure to toxic hull paints containing tributyltins an organic compound of tin used as a biocide especially in marine antifouling paints. Although it wasn't widely recognized at the time, many of the pollutants from the World Trade Center found their way into New York harbor, exposing the NYPD divers to dangers beyond those they already knew.

Diving in High-Risk Environments, 4th Edition is widely used by divers all over the world and is recommended by companies such as Interspiro, Diving Unlimited International, Kirby Morgan Dive Systems, and Trelleborg-Viking, Inc. The book has been referenced by the U.S. Navy and the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA).

Covered in the pages of this must have document are contaminates and hazards, Scuba Systems for diving in contaminated water, surface supplied systems, dive planning, techniques, decontamination after exiting the water, potable water diving and equipment maintenance.

Author Steve Barsky has been involved with commercial, scientific, recreational and public safety diving since 1970. Barsky has authored books for NAUI, SDI, and SSI. He has also produced numerous diving videos and is a partner in Scuba-Training.net, the first company to provide on-line training for the academic portions of scuba courses.

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