Dry Suit Diving, 5th Edition: A Guide to Diving Dry

Hammerhead Press

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About Dry Suit Diving, 5th Edition: A Guide to Diving Dry

Dry Suit Diving opens a door to comfortable diving in temperate and cold water environments to those who would prefer to dive only the warmer waters of the world. Some of the most majestic diving in the world is done in water below 70°F(21°C) Swimming through a kelp forest in California or somewhere in the Pacific Northwest, Diving into history on the Great Lakes Wrecks or off the coast of theNortheast become a reality to the once only warm water diver. Unlocking the mysteries of dry suit diving is made easy with this great book.

Dry Suit Diving, Fifth Edition is a major revision of the most popular and comprehensive book on dry suit diving. This book is especially geared toward the person who is considering the purchase of a dry suit and wants to know what dry suit diving is all about. It is a much more extensive book than most other dry suit texts. This new edition has been extensively edited and includes updated information on new suit materials, underwear, and issues that affect technical divers who use dry suits. Over 95 new photographs cover equipment, accessories, and techniques.

This book will help answer the questions of how to select the right dry suit for the diving you plan on being involved in? Dry Suit Valves types, how they work and how to choose? Underwear selection and what is warmer and easy to care? Accessories selection, dry suit skills, emergencies as related to dry suit diving donning and doffing your suit, maintenance, and when staying dry is essential are all covered in this great book.

Dry Suit Diving, 5th Edition: A Guide to Diving Dry Features

  • Brief History of Diver Thermal Protection
  • Why Thermal Protection is Important
  • Selecting Your Dry Suit
  • Dry Suit Valves
  • Dry Suit Underwear
  • Selecting Dry Suit Accessories
  • Dressing into Your Dry Suit
  • Dry Suit Skills
  • Dry Suit Emergencies
  • How to Remove Your Dry Suit
  • Dry Suit Maintenance
  • When Staying Dry is Essential

Dry Suit Diving, 5th Edition: A Guide to Diving Dry Specifications

Steven M. Barsky, Dick Long, And Bob Stinton
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