L.A.County Coast Laminated Map B453


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About L.A.County Coast Laminated Map B453

L A County Coast

This colorful map gives you everything you need to know about L A County and its surrounding waters The map is detailed with important facts about L A County and what you will find on land or under the water Complete depth is depicted in descending hues of ocean blues to indicate actual ocean bathymetry and depth contours Shaded relief accuracy is derived from USGS digital elevation models Each dive spot is accurately described with what you will find when you dive the location along with depth and recommended things to look for and a marine life guide Side 1 is a map of the entire coast line of Los Angeles County Side 2 is a map of the Palos Verdes Peninsula, where well-know dives sites and wrecks are located and described Favorite dive spots shown include Rat Beach, Malaga Cove, Haggerty's, Flat Rock, Margate Street Wreck, Avalon Wreck, Indicator, PV Point, Dominator Wreck, Christmas Tree Cove, Point Vicente, Old Marine land, Buchanon reef, Abalone Cove, Portuguese Bend, White Point, Point Fermin, Cabrillo Beach and the L A Breakwater If you are planning a trip to the California and L A County this map is a must

L.A.County Coast Laminated Map B453 Features

  • Information on 30+ Dive Sites
  • Detailed Land Marks of the County
  • Complete Road Map to Sites
  • Marine Life Guide
  • And Much More!

L.A.County Coast Laminated Map B453 Specifications

14" X 21" (35.6 Cm X 53.3 Cm)
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