Channel Islands Laminated Map B452


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About Channel Islands Laminated Map B452

Channel Islands

This colorful map gives you everything you need to know about the Channel Islands and there surrounding waters The map is detailed with important facts about the islands and what you will find on land or under the water Complete depth depicted in descending hues of ocean blues to indicate actual ocean bathymetry and depth contours Shaded relief accuracy is derived from USGS digital elevation models Each dive spot is accurately described with what you will find when you dive the location along with depth and recommended things to look for Side 1 Map of Channel Islands shows the Santa Barbara-Ventura Coast with the five islands (San MiguelIsland, Santa Rosa Island, Santa Cruz Island, Anacapa Island, and Santa Barbara Island) Side 2 Map shows each of the Channel Islands Individually If you are planning a trip to the California Channel Islands this map is a must

Channel Islands Laminated Map B452 Features

  • Over 70 Dive Site Information
  • Detailed Land Marks of the Islands
  • Complete Island Road Map
  • Marine Life Guide
  • Camping
  • 14"x21" Laminated
  • And Much More!
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