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Cozumel Dive Guide and Log Book

Sample Page

Cozumel Dive Guide and Log Book Features

Cozumel's magnificent reefs have finally been illustrated in glorious and colorful 3D graphics!

We have produced a collection of Reef Maps, Site Descriptions, and other useful information including the History of the Island, Diving in Cozumel, Currents and Weather, Marine Park Information, Safety issues, Fish and Coral Guides, a Dive Log, and more.

The main focus of this book was to produce quality underwater maps of Cozumel's 25 major reefs from a never before seen perspective, and to provide divers with the most comprehensive, concise and accurate portrayal of Cozumel's reefs available to date. Each map is accompanied by a description of the reef's physical characteristics, typical marine life found there, and possible dive plans.

This Guide is the result of months of collaboration between the Underwater Editions team, Deep Blue Productions, the Marine Park Authority and an exceptional pool of local Dive Masters, Instructors and Captains. For those who have been to Cozumel we hope that this book will take you back there whenever it is picked up. For divers new to Cozumel's delights, we hope this book will wet your appetite for what we promise will be a memorable visit.