The Cave Divers, By Robert Burgess

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About The Cave Divers, By Robert Burgess

This is an award-winning book about one of the world's most dangerous sports Chosen by librarians and bookstore owners as a Book of the Year award winner in Fore Word Magazine's annual contest, The Cave Divers takes the reader into the dark, watery world of underwater springs where mastodon bones, seven-inch long fossil shark teeth, and death sometimes awaits the unwary diver

Learn the secret of caves that repeatedly trapped victims Read about incredible underwater rescues from the watery labyrinths Join Burgess as he descends into water-filled stone "time-capsules" where scientists discover the remains of the 12,000-year-old Ice Age Man Join early cave diving explorers who first braved the watery barrier into the unknown to find a prehistoric graveyard of mammoths, and cathedral-sized caverns never seen before

Here are daring feats of pioneer dive exploration from the sport's earliest beginnings to the mixed gas miracles accomplished in these deep inner-world watery mazes today Go along on world record depth dives Join the group who swam a secret way into a dry underwater cave and, when their lifeline broke, realized no help would come because they were the only ones who knew how to get in! Over 60 color and black and white photos and maps (Paperback 6 x 9 - 352 pages)

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Robert F. Burgess
Aqua Quest Publications
6" X 9"
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