3D Russian Destroyer 356  - Cayman Brac Dive Site Card

3D Russian Destroyer 356 - Cayman Brac Dive Site Card Features

Built in 1984 as a Russian missile frigate, destroyer 356 was assigned to the Caribbean as part of the Soviet Union's Atlantic Fleet. It operated out of Cuba for years, before being retired. In the spring of 1998, the aging warship was purchased by the government of the Cayman Islands and then towed from Cuba to Cayman Brac to be sunk as an artificial reef. The great warship settled upright on a white-sand bottom close to East Chute, one of the Brac's best drop-offs. She is pointed toward the open sea, and there is a vertical wall some 200 feet off the bow. While the sunken ship touches a maximum depth of 110 feet, most of the vessel is in much shallower water. The stern deck comes to within 30 feet of the surface and the forward deck is at 60 feet. As the years have passed, the wreck has settled into the sand and broken apart in places, providing more hiding places and living quarters for fish. Most of the paint has flaked off the hull, replaced by a thin veneer of algae and marine growth. The Destroyer Wreck is unquestionably one of the top 10 dives in the Cayman Islands, ranking right up there with Babylon, Tarpon Alley, Stingray City and Bloody Bay Wall. It is a truly unique shipwreck experience that should not be missed by anyone planning to visit these islands.

These unique cards provide a detailed depiction of 356 Russian Destroyer wreck and reef in Cayman Brac. Each waterproof card is double sided, made of durable PVC plastic and is designed to be taken on the dive. They are also three hole punched to fit in standard log books or on lanyards.

Key Features

  • Waterproof PVC card designed for underwater use.
  • Three hole punched for log books or lanyards.
  • Provides detailed information on the 356 Russian Destroyer wreck and reef.