3D Numibia - Red Sea, Egypt Waterproof Dive Site Card

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About 3D Numibia - Red Sea, Egypt Waterproof Dive Site Card

The British cargo ship Numidia was built in Glasgow in early 1901. A relatively large vessel, she displaced 6,399 gross registered tons and was powered by a 3 cylinder triple expansion steam engine capable of providing a top speed of 10 Knots. On 6 July, 1901, the Captain ordered the mooring lines slipped from her berth in Liverpool and stood beside the Pilot as the vessel moved slowly into the River Mersey and then out into the Irish Sea. The Numidia was carrying a general cargo of 7,000 tons and a crew of 97. There were no passengers. The ship cleared Suez in the early hours of 19 July 1901. They made good time and by 7 pm that evening, Shadwan Island was already abeam. The weather was fine with a fresh breeze from the NW. At 11 pm the course was altered and at 1 am on the 20th the light on Big Brothers island was sighted off the port bow. Observing the bearing, the Captain altered course again and informed the "officer of the watch" this would take the ship over one mile to the west of the Island. He then left the Bridge leaving instructions to be called when the Light was abeam. At about 2:10 am the Master was awoken by the shock of his ship crashing onto rocks. Hurrying to the bridge, he found his ship hard aground on Big Brothers Island - almost directly below the Lighthouse! After two hours of trying to get off the rocks the engines were stopped. By this time the ship was taking on considerable water although the pumps were coping. At 7:30 am, dispatches were sent to Suez for urgent assistance and most of the crew were landed on the Island. Other vessels then arrived and every effort was made to refloat the Numidia without success. Eventually realizing his vessel was lost, the Master allowed his crew to be rescued - although he remained on the island for a further 7 weeks - during which he supervised the salvage of most of the cargo before the Numidia finally sank.

This is a dive to set the heart racing, and one of the most incredible shipwrecks available to divers. Like the Aida, she also defies all the known laws of gravity and lies "up" the reef at an almost vertical angle. After nearly 100 years underwater she is, of course, now an integral part of the reef itself and will never move.

This unique card provides detailed depiction of the Wreck. Each waterproof card is printed on both sides, made of durable PVC plastic and is designed to be taken on the dive. They are also 3-hole punched to fit in standard log books.

3D Numibia - Red Sea, Egypt Waterproof Dive Site Card Features

  • Waterproof PVC Card Designed for Underwater Use
  • Provides Detailed Information on the Wreck and Reef of the Numibia
  • Three Hole Punched for Log Books or Lanyards

3D Numibia - Red Sea, Egypt Waterproof Dive Site Card Specifications

Waterproof Pvc Plastic
3-Hole Punch
Mfr #
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