3D Shinkoku Maru -Truk Lagoon Waterproof Dive Site Card

3D Shinkoku Maru -Truk Lagoon Waterproof Dive Site Card

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3D Shinkoku Maru -Truk Lagoon Waterproof Dive Site Card Features

This ship was built as a commercial tanker, but converted to fleet oiler (able to refuel ships at sea) in 1941. This is one of the best and prettiest wrecks in Truk, the coral on the masts go nearly to the surface, making this one of the best deco stops anywhere. The bridge and engine room are very interesting. This is an ideal wreck for a night dive when you can see the coral in its full glory. She was sunk by a single torpedo to the engine room.

One of the most picturesque wrecks in the Lagoon is the Shinkoku Maru; the aquatic life is astounding, and the soft corals are amazing. The Shinkoku, being a tanker, doesn't have a lot of holds. In the aft section is a long corridor where there are lots of interesting artifacts, including an operating table, bones, and other objects.

These unique cards provides a detailed depiction of Shinkoku Maru wreck in Micronesia. Each waterproof card is double sided, made of durable PVC plastic and is designed to be taken on the dive. They are also three hole punched to fit in standard log books or on lanyards.

Key Features

  • Waterproof PVC card designed for underwater use.
  • Three hole punched for log books and lanyards.
  • Provides detailed information on the Shinkoku Maru wreck.