Bigblue VL2500P 2500 Lumens LED Photo Video Light

Bigblue VL2500P 2500 Lumens LED Photo Video Light Features

What's in the box: Light, Battery Charger Goodman Glove and Ball Joint

This great new addition to the Big Blue Dive Lights Photo/Video Light Family offers many features making it a Great-Choice for Any Diver. The VL2500P is a Self-Contained, Compact yet Powerful, All-Purpose Dive Light - but is best suited for Video purposes with a 120° Degree Beam Angle. This Light generates 2,500 Lumens, and offers 4-Power Settings controlled by a Reliable Push-Button Switch and a Battery Indicator on the Light. Also an Option in the Push-Button System is a Built-In Red LED Mode, great for Lowering the Color Temperature and creating a great Light for Viewing All-Types of Sea Life. This Light also comes with a Yellow Filter and Ball Joint for Camera Use, and has a Reliable Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery and Charger.

The VL2500P Light Source is 6-Ultra-High Intensity XML LED's and 4-XPE Red LED's with 4 Levels of Output from 250 Lumens, at Level-l, 625 Lumens at Level-ll, 1250 Lumens at Level-lll and 2500 Lumens at Level lV. The Red LED's provide 200 Lumens of Brightness. The VL2500P is powered by a Rechargeable Lithium-Ion 32650 Battery and provides a Burn Time of 1.5 Hours at Level-lV, 3 Hours at Level-lll, 6 Hours at Level-ll and 15 Hours at Level-l. The VL2500P has a Color Temperature of 6500K with a Tempered Optical Glass Front Lens. The Case Material is an Aluminum Alloy that is Anti-Corrosion Anodized and is sealed by a Double O-Ring for Safety.

This powerful light is Depth Rated to 330' (100 meters). The VL2500P measures (L x D) 4.76" x 2.07" (121mm x 52.5mm), weighs 12.7oz (359g) in air with battery and is negatively buoyant underwater at -6.5oz (-184g). Light is Black in Color comes with a Goodman-Style Glove for Hands-Free Use and is covered by a 12 month limited warranty.

Key Features

  • Big Blue VL2500P 2500 Lumens LED Photo Video Light:
  • Self-Contained, Compact and Powerful, All-Purpose Dive Light
  • Great-Choice for Any Diver
  • Best Suited for Video Purposes
  • 120° Degree Beam Angle
  • 2,500 Lumens of Brightness
  • Reliable Push-Button Switching Mechanism
  • Battery Indicator on the Light
  • 4 Levels of Output:
    250 Lumens, at Level-l
    625 Lumens at Level-ll
    1250 Lumens at Level-lll
    2500 Lumens at Level lV
  • Built-In Red LED Mode Provide 200 Lumens of Brightness
  • Burn Times:
    1.5 Hours at Level-lV
    3 Hours at Level-lll
    6 Hours at Level-ll
    15 Hours at Level-l
  • Light Source: 6-Ultra-High Intensity XML LED's and 4-XPE Red LED's
  • Yellow Filter and Ball Joint for Camera Use
  • Color Temperature: 6500K
  • Casing Material: Aluminum Alloy, Anti-Corrosion Anodized
  • Tempered Optical Glass Front Lens
  • Safety Designs Double O-Ring Sealed
  • Maximum Depth: 330' (100 meters) Tested
  • Dimensions: (L x D) 4.76" x 2.07" (121mm x 52.5mm)
  • Weight (including batteries): 12.7oz (359g)
  • Buoyancy (with batteries): -6.5oz (-184g)
  • Color: Black
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 12 months.

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