Bigblue 750 Lumens LED Technical Light TL-3

Bigblue 750 Lumens LED Technical Light TL-3 Features

What's in the box: Light Head, Battery Canister, Batteries, Smart Charger, and Goodman's Glove

The T L-3 LED Light is a sophisticated LED dive light tested to 330' (100 meters) that performs even in the most demanding environments. Its compact light head 2.48" x 5.12" (63 x 130 mm) is attached to a Goodman's Glove which is included with the light. The streamline 2.17" x 8.5" (55 x 223 mm) durable and corrosion resistant Anodized Aluminum Alloy battery canister easily attaches to your back-plate making this the perfect primary light for technical diving.

Three XR-E LED diodes provide a fantastic 750 lumens of light and it has a Hi-Lo power setting which allows you to choose between 100% or 70% light output, which will extended your lights burn time. Included with the light systems battery pack is an international smart charger that automatically switches voltage when plugged into a wall outlet. The charger has a Hi-Lo switch which allows a quick-charge function for one hour charging.

The TL-3 has a color temperature of 6500°K, and a 9° beam angle at the hot spot, and 44° on the outer edge. The insulating magnetic switch protects the battery pack from becoming flooded and allows Hi-Lo output settings. The light is equipped with a thermal protection system that prevents light overheating by cutting power off due to prolonged use on land.

Key Features

  • Big Blue 750 Lumens LED Technical Light TL-3
  • Stunning 750 Lumens
  • Light Source: 3 x XR-E LED's
  • Color Temperature 6500K
  • Angle of Light Beam 9° Hot Spot, 44° Periphery
  • Power Source Rechargeable Ni-MH Battery Canister
  • Includes Smart Charger
  • Hi-Lo Power Switch
  • Burn Time Standard Canister: 2.8 Hrs at Hi-Output, 4.4 Hrs at Lo-Output
  • Burn Time Optional Canister: 5.6 Hrs at Hi-Output, 9 Hrs at Lo-Output
  • Setting Determined Burn Time
  • Thermal Protection System Prevents Light Overheating
  • Casing: Anodized Aluminum Alloy
  • Corrosion Resistant Design
  • Depth Rated to 330' (100 meters)
  • Dimensions Light Head: 2.48" x 5.12" (63 x 130 mm)
  • Dimensions Battery Canister: 2.17" x 8.54" (55 x 217 mm)
  • Weight: 48.18 oz (1366 g) on Land
  • Buoyancy: Approximately Negative 23.9 oz (677 g) Underwater
  • "Goodman Glove" for Hands Free Operation

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 12 months.

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