Bigblue Fluoro Diving Kit for FVL1800M,VL2500P,VTL2500P

Bigblue Fluoro Diving Kit for FVL1800M,VL2500P,VTL2500P

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Bigblue Fluoro Diving Kit for FVL1800M,VL2500P,VTL2500P Features

What's in the box: 2 Blue Filters, Amber Mask with Strap and Lanyard

Experience FLUORODIVING! Science has discovered Corals and Sea Life contain Fluorescent Proteins invisible to the naked eye that jump into view using High-Intensity Fluoro-Lights and Filters. With the Big-Blue Fluoro-Diving Kit attached to a Big-Blue VL1800M .VL2500P Dive Light,those colors will jump into view!

Big-Blue Fluoro-Diving Kits (FDK) provide everything you need to experience the incredible natural fluorescence found in many Corals and other Sea Life seen on dives. You get specially designed Blue Filter, Deep Blue Filter to precisely match the coral fluorescence wavelengths, and a Yellow Blue-Barrier Filter Mask to increase the intensity of the colors emitted by the corals. Big-Blues innovative snap-on and flip-open filter allows you to easily switch between blue and white light to accommodate changes in dive conditions.

These kits are suitable for night divers, resorts, science institutions, ecological monitoring groups and specialty photographers. The Yellow Barrier Filter Mask comes equipped with a Silicone Rubber Head Strap with Neoprene Rubber Cover that is adjustable for a custom fit over your dive mask. The Neoprene Cover has Reinforced Taped Edgess for added Strength and Durability. Also included in the kit is a Lanyard that can be used to attach the Amber Mask Lens allowing the diver to use it as a Slate and then simply holding the Mask up to their Dive mask whenever they want to view the fluorescence. The Snap-On Filters are con structed from corrosion proof plastic and the kit is covered by a 12 month limited warranty.

Key Features

  • Big Blue Fluoro Diving Kit for FVL1800M,VL2500P,VTL2500P Lights
  • High-Intensity Fluoro-Lights and Filters
  • Brings Out Corals and Sea Life Fluorescent Proteins
  • Colors Will Jump into View!
  • Kit Includes Everything Needed to Experience Incredible Natural Fluorescence
  • Specially Designed Blue and Deep Blue Filters Precisely Match Coral Fluorescence Wavelength
  • Innovative Snap-On and Flip-Open Filter Design
  • Switch from Blue and White Light Easily
  • Yellow Blue-Barrier Filter Mask Increases Intensity of Colors
  • Adjustable Silicone Mask Strap with Neoprene Cover
  • Neoprene Cover: Reinforced Taped Edges for added Strength and Durability
  • Suitable for Night Divers and Resorts
  • Sutable for Science Institutions, Ecological Monitoring Groups and Specialty Photographers
  • Durable Non Corossive Plastic Filter Construction
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 24 months for parts and 24 months for labor.

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