Aqua Sphere FM TX Pro Snorkel Set

Aqua Sphere FM TX Pro Snorkel Set Features

What's in the box: - TX Transmitter Base Station, Headset, 7 Snorkels, Antenna, Line-in Audio cable, 2 AAA & 4 AA Alkaline Batteries

The AQUA FM PRO system gives you the opportunity to communicate with your students as they exercise in the water By using a snorkel with a built-in radio receiver, swimmers get clear, wireless reception The sound is transmitted through the snorkel's mouthpiece using bone conduction technology Sound quality is outstanding Simply place the transmitter next to the swimming pool and plug in a microphone and / or an audio player Using the microphone you can give instructions to your swimmers and make real time corrections while playing your choice of music You may also broadcast pre-recorded sessions

You may use an unlimited number of snorkels in a range of 260 ft or 80 meters The system is battery operated, making it very easy to use

Key Features

  • Transmitter works on batteries (4 AA Included) and is completely wireless
  • Headset for direct communication with Snorkelers
  • Line-in to attach a audio player for personal enjoyment

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 12 months.

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