Aqua Sphere Zip Fins


Aqua Sphere Zip Fins Features

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If you're into water sports then the best way to get in shape for those sports is in the water Aqua Sphere's Zip Fins are fitness swimming fins that will give you the workout you need to be in shape for an active life in the water If you are a tri-athlete, a swimmer, snorkeler or Scuba diver these fins are what you want to help you stay in shape

Split blade and low drag design reduce strain and maximize full-leg workout, and significantly reduces ankle fatigue for an efficient workout, easy adjust buckle and padded strap for greatest comfort split blade provides efficient water flow eliminating fatigue allowing longer workouts

Key Features

  • Split Blade Design
  • Significantly Reduces Ankle Fatigue
  • Full-Leg Workout
  • Easy Adjust Buckles
  • Padded Straps

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 12 months.

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