Zipper Lubrication Stick #LP22

Zipper Lubrication Stick #LP22

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Zipper Lubrication Stick #LP22 Features

A sticky exposure suit zipper can be a pain but, more importantly, if it does not slide smoothly you can cause irreversible damage to the material of the suit from over-stretching and stressing. This Zipper-Ease lubrication stick is for use on all zippers, metal or plastic, that are exposed to salt water or chlorine. Simply rub the Zipper-Ease like a crayon on your zippers to ensure smooth operation. Zipper-Ease frees up your zipper and gives it and your exposure suit long life, and will not stain or damage the fabric of your suit. Zipper Lubrication Stick is a must for proper preventative suit maintenance and is a great Save-A-Dive kit item.

Key Features

  • Lubricates Sticky Zippers
  • Relieves Stress and Over Stretching of Zipper and Exposure Suit
  • Easy Apply Stick
  • Gives Zippers Proper Preventative Maintenance
  • Great Save-A-Dive Kit Item