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Aqua Web-Octopus Holder with Mouthpiece


Aqua Web-Octopus Holder with Mouthpiece Features

What's in the box: Aqua Web-Octopus Holder with Mouthpiece

The Aqua Octopus Holder will retain your Alternate Air Source were you attach it to your equipment until you need it. The Aqua Web-Octopus Holder won't allow Octopus to Drag-Along-the-Bottom Collecting Sand or Destroying-the-Reef. The Aqua Octopus Holder design combines a Durable Stretch Cord Holder with Barrel Lock Slide Fastener to retain the included Quality Mouthpiece with a Non-Corrosive Plastic Swivel Gate Clip and Sewn Nylon Webbing Strap for attachment to your Gear. The Aqua Web-Octopus Holder is available in Multiple-Color Options. To Attach the Moutpiece to your Regulator don't forget to get some Tie Wraps (see SKU: AQUTW10).

Key Features

  • Keeps Octopus Secure and Ready
  • Non-Corrosive Plastic Design
  • 360° Swivel Gate Clip
  • Nylon Strap with Stretch Cord Loop and Barrel Lock Slide Fastener
  • Includes Quality Mouthpiece
  • Protect Gear and Environment
  • Multiple Color Options
  • Note: Tie Wraps for Mouthpiece Attachment to Regulator (SKU: AQUTW10)