Wipe-Away Pain for Jellyfish Sting

Wipe-Away Pain for Jellyfish Sting Features

What's in the box: Two Applications

Every Year Venomous sea creatures will bite or sting millions of people causing extreme pain and irritation.

In a study, lifeguards experienced immediate relief from jellyfish stings by using "Wipe Away Pain!" The medicated solution in Wipe Away Pain neutralizes poisons and delivers pain relief and a cooling medication that works to reduce redness and inflammation. In the study, those using vinegar demonstrated no pain relief and those using aluminum sulfate received only minimal relief. The study shows - Wipe Away Pain! Really Works.

One reason why the Wipe-Away Pain for Jellyfish Sting is popular is because of its Easy To Use.

Key Features

  • Immediate Relief from Jellyfish Stings
  • Lifeguard Tested
  • Neutralizes Poison
  • Reduces Redness and Inflammation
  • Really Works