Versa-Light Tank Band


Versa-Light Tank Band Features

What's in the box: Tank Strap, 3 Lights and Batteries

Being Visible on a Night Dive both Underwater-and-on-the-Surfaces can be difficult when you have a Single Marker Light. If the Divers Body Gets-in-the-Way of the Lights Field of View, other Divers will not be able to See-them-Easily. Versa-Light Tank Band virtually eliminates this problem with Three Individual Lights allowing a Field of View of Over 180 °.

Standard Configuration - All Lights are Red with Black -Cases, Mounted on Black Webbing. Webbing Strap will fit most Cylinder Diameters. The Right-and-Left Lights offer a Steady Stream of Light, and the Center Light Flashes. Unit is also available with Green Lights. Multiple Light Colors allow Versa-Light Tank Band to be used as Identification Lights for Dive Trainers wanting to see at a glance who is a Student and who may be Staff. The Versa-Light Tank Band is Depth Rated to 300' (90 meters) and comes with Batteries included.

The Versa-Light Tank Band is commonly used for Night Diving and more. The Versa-Light Tank Band is most used by customers who consider themselves to be a Advanced among others. The Versa-Light Tank Band is popular because customers like the following qualities of the Versa-Light Tank Band: Compact, Reliable.

Key Features

  • Versa-Light Tank Band:
  • Gives Over 180° Field of View
  • 3 Lights 2 Steady 1 Flashing
  • Red or Green Lights Available
  • Multiple Colors Great for Diver ID
  • Fits Multiple Cylinder Diameters
  • Batteries Included
  • Depth Rating: 300' (90 meters)