Tank Valve Multi Tool

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About Tank Valve Multi Tool

All-In-One Tank Valve Multi-Tool:
Everything you need in one tool to completely disassemble and reassemble tank valves! Tool has a unique coated comfo-grip handle. Separate tools for Sherwood Genesis and Thermo Valves. Having the right tool to make minor repairs will always make the difference between a good day of diving and one that has someone staying on the boat or back on the beach because they have an equipment problem.

This Tank Valve Multi Tool can make that difference. Loose Valve Handles are common; Slight Leaks from Burst Plugs can be Fixed-Quickly-and-Easily when you have the right tool in your Save-A-Dive kit. Tool is a must for the Serious Diver, Dive Master or Professional who know dive gear and how to fix it.

Tank Valve Multi Tool Features

  • All In-One Valve Tool
  • Several Models to Select From: Sherwood Genesis and Thermo Valves
  • Comfo-Grip Coated Handle
  • Durable Steel Tools
  • Must for the Serious Diver
  • Great Save-A-Dive Kit Item
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