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About Key Ring Tire Inflator

Whether you need to inflate your inner tube diver down buoy, put enough air in your car tire to get you to the gas station to have it patched, or inflate an inner tube to leisurely float down a river on a hot summer day you want to own one of these handy tire inflators. Keep this handy tire inflator in your dry box or on your key ring for emergencies. Just attach it to a low-pressure BC inflator hose attach your regulator to your cylinder and you're ready to inflate whatever inflatable that is equipped with a Schrader stem style valve. Inflator can be used with any scuba tank. Manufactured from chrome plated marine grade brass for corrosion resistant use, comes with a split style key ring for attachment to your keys, keeping you ready to inflate when you need an inner tube filled. Intended for low pressure use only Below 200 psi (13.8 bars). Key Ring Tire Inflator is available in multiple colors.

Key Ring Tire Inflator Features

  • Key Ring Tire Inflator
  • Inflator for Any Inflatable with Schrader Stem Valve
  • Attaches to Standard BCD Low Pressure Hose QD Fitting
  • Inflate Low Vehicle Tire, Get Back on the Road in Emergency
  • Great Item for Tubing or Inner Tube Buoy Float
  • A Must Item for a Save-A-Dive Kit
  • Equipped w/Key Ring for Easy Attachment to Keys
  • Small and Compact Tire Inflator
  • Easy to Use
  • Low Pressure Use Only - Below 200 psi (13.8 bars)
  • Available in Multiple Colors

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One square inch on insurance


Nothing worse than sitting on the side of the road with a low tire and a full tank or air. Things happen going to and coming back from a trip. I don't want to be stuck on the road again ever!This is 1 square inch of insurance for you (and your buddy who offered to drive!). It's cheap and it works. Yes I tried it before the next delay on the road.I just wish I had one sooner!

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Questions about this item:

Shopper  Why Did You Choose This?
JOHN O  I drive a long wat to dive sites and this is cheap peace of mind.
RENE A  Is there an extension hose I can buy for this to attach to the BCD inflator hose and make it longer?
RICHARD H  I have not seen and I am unaware of an extension that would attach directly to the low pressure hose (BCD hose) and then to the tire inflator but there are lots of longer low pressure hoses with the proprietary connection for the tire inflator.
MICHAEL G  Hi Rene I used this from the end of the octopus to inflate tires in my garage. I used a scuba bottle.. Then Octo, then the attachment. I should imagine that there will be an extension you can buy.. Good luck.
BEN B  Not that I'm aware of. I think there may be a longer hose, but not an extension.
KENNETH K  Not that I know of, but you can buy longer hoses.
NATHAN T  Interesting question..there maybe some sort of longer hose or an extension that you might be able to creatively engineer but I guess the question would be is it necessary and are you using the part as intended and safely? LP does sell longer low pressure inflator hoses but they are only up to 4 inches longer than normal. This inflator works good for inflating surface marker tubes and that would be all that I would use it for due to the PSI in the tank being excessive for all other applications. As long as you use it before you suit up all the way this is a nice addition to your dive gear and will save you a stop at a gas station to fill your float.
Paul J  I'm sorry I don't know, if not it has to be designable. Good luck
Guy M  You can buy a longer hose or buy an adaptor that attaches two hoses to each other.
RENE A  Adapter? Female to female? I do not want to make my BCD Hose any longer... It is already long enough. I'm just looking to able to make the hose longer so that I am not cramped by a scuba tank while filling things with air like a car tire or other things with an inflator.
Guy M  If you don't have one a longer octo hose in yellow 4-7 foot will work . You can coil the hose under your arm when you are diving. If you need to share your octo it will give you extra hose to make the sharing process easier for both of you.The xs scuba hose to hose adaptor LP sells will work too if you choose to connect two.I don't suggest diving with the adaptor in place it is a extra possible failure point when diving.
RENE A  No, I wont be diving at all with the adapter... It is only to use WITH the inflator in case I need to use it outside of diving.
RENE A  Ok, I just looked at your recommendation... and it will not work... I don't get it... No one understands what I want to do with this... I need a hose with a male scuba pro quick release connector (where the BCD inflator plugs in) on one end, and on the other end I need a female quick release connector to connect to the this (tire) inflator (to make the hose temporarily longer to use my tank in different situations).
Shopper  Does the BCD hose have enough preasure to fill a vehicle tire (i.e. 34psi.)?
Guy M  Yes your BCD hose is rated much higher pressure than a car tire... A LP BCD hose is rated 200-400 psi depending on the age.
David R  Yes
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