"Mesh Tank Tote" with Carrying Handle

"Mesh Tank Tote" with Carrying Handle

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"Mesh Tank Tote" with Carrying Handle Features

Carrying a cylinder by the valve can be a difficult process; most people either have to sling it over their shoulder or carry it like a baby in their arms. This Mesh Tank Tote with Carrying Handle streamlines the process of carrying cylinders. This tough, durable tank carrier goes over the tank and tank boot and includes handy nylon carrying handles that are made from strong nylon webbing and wrap all the way around the Tote Bag to relieve strain on the mesh. The drawstring closure assures cylinder will not slip out of bag during transport.

Key Features

  • Easy and Convenient Way to Transport Cylinders
  • Durable Mesh Body with Nylon Webbing Carrying Handles
  • Handles Wrap Around Bag for Increased Strength
  • Drawstring Closure for Added Security