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"Yoke" Cross-Over Equalizer

"Yoke" Cross-Over Equalizer Features

Ever been out diving with friends and the conditions are fantastic, yet you can't get back in the water because there are not two tanks available with enough air for a buddy team to get any descent bottom time? You got one full tank and another just under half full. If only you could equalize the two cylinders so you have two tanks 3/4 full!

Equalize pressure between two scuba tanks with this 34" yoking device. Complete with hose, two yokes and integrated bleeder unit, this equalizer is manufactured from marine grade chrome plated brass and durable high pressure hose, has large impact resistant yoke knobs that are even easy to handle with gloved hands.

Key Features

  • Great for Equalizing Cylinders for Maximum Air Availability
  • Marine Grade Chrome Plated Brass Fittings
  • One Yoke Equipped with Bleeder Valve
  • Durable High Pressure Hose
  • Yoke Knobs Easy to Use with Gloved Hands