7.25" Tank Boot with 5 LB.Weight

7.25" Tank Boot with 5 LB.Weight Features

What's in the box: Tank Boot and Five Pound Weight

The patented Tank buoyancy Compensator (T B C ) is a supplementary, five pound ditch-able weight system that is located on the bottom of your scuba tank to offset the positive buoyancy affects incurred by air usage throughout a dive Often, the positive buoyancy generated by the diver's scuba tank will force the divers head down into the water, causing not only discomfort during the scuba dive, but creating a safety risk as well

The tank integrated design of the T B C provides a compact, streamlined, and safe weight system for strategically positioning ballast at a point that maximizes its effects while minimizing the risks encountered when using an un-weighted tank In many cases, a diver can reduce or in some cases eliminate the amount of weight on his or her belt or B C , thus increasing comfort and safety In additions to being the ultimate tank ballast system, the T B C doubles as a protective tank boot

The tank end mounted ballast system locates the weight in the most effective location, providing maximum balance while serving as a protector for the bottom of the tank With the new back floatation buoyancy Compensators the problem of staying upright on the surface is reduced by having the weight located at the bottom of your tank This causes your body to become more upright on the surface of the water thus promoting comfort and safety

Several models on the market use weights that are fixed to the upper third of the tank's exterior diameter which does not locate the weight in the most effective location for ballast purposes nor does the mounting method allow the weight to be released in an emergency Furthermore, divers utilizing current systems would still need to purchase tank boots to protect the bottom of their scuba tank Although other devices exist and the Tank buoyancy Compensator is a new product in an already equipment intensive sport, the benefits obtained by its design far outweigh anything currently available

Key Features

  • Increased Balance Underwater
  • Reduces Weight Belt or Integrated System Requirements
  • Can Increase Head-Up Position with back Inflators
  • Ditch-Able Weight System
  • Protects Cylinder Base from Damage
  • Self-Draining Design
  • Won't promote Corrosion of Cylinder