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About Catalina 80 Cubic Foot Neutrally Buoyant Aluminum Tank

Catalina's Neutrally Buoyant 80 cu ft (10.3 liter) Aluminum Cylinder has a working pressure of 3300 psi (228 bars) and is negatively buoyant when full -5.9 lbs (-2.68 kg) and is nearly neutral when empty -0.2 lbs (-0.09 kg). The advantage of a cylinder that is near neutral buoyancy at the end of a dive is that you can shed a pound or two from your weight belt or BCD pockets. Dimensionally the cylinder is the same as the standard 80 cu ft 3000 psi (200 bar) 11.1 liter tank, but does not have the positive buoyancy of +4.1 lbs (+1.86 kg) when empty. The Neutrally Buoyant 80 cu ft (10.3 liter) cylinder has a 7.25" (18.4 cm) diameter and is 25.1" (63.8 cm) tall having the same diameter as a standard aluminum 80 yet, is slightly shorter than the standard 80.

Cylinder comes with a K Pro Valve, the K Pro Valve is one of the highest flow cylinder valves available today and is also a convertible valve. Whether you dive Yoke or DIN regulators this valve will work for both. Valve has easily removed 200 bar DIN insert to convert the valve for use with DIN regulators. Valve has a heavy duty deign with a smooth operating mechanism and multi-ported burst disc plug for added safety.

Aluminum cylinders unlike steel cylinders don't rust, they oxidize. The oxidization of aluminum forms a protective coat that hinders the continuation of corrosion making aluminum cylinders less likely to be condemned due to excessive corrosion. So if you want to shed the lead and use a more compact cylinder system then a standard aluminum 80 the Catalina Neutrally Buoyant Cylinder will fit the bill. When shipped the tanks valves will be removed and the tank will require re-inspection before being filled. Note: All Catalina cylinders are nitrox ready and meet certificated specifications of the US Department of Transportation (DOT) with DOT-3AL specification and Transport Canada Safety and Security (TC) with TC-3ALM specifications. Purchasers should check with other country requirements to know if the cylinders are certified for use in that country. The U.S DOT has interpreted its regulations stating that DOT-3AL (aluminum) SCUBA cannot be charged with oxygen enriched air to a service pressure greater than 3000psi. Thus, Catalina Cylinders 3300psi compact SCUBA cylinders cannot be charged with oxygen enriched air as mandated by the DOT. For more information on this matter please contact Catalina Cylinders.

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