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Safe Sea Jellyfish & Sea Lice Lotion

Safe Sea Jellyfish & Sea Lice Lotion Features

Safe Sea Jellyfish & Sea Lice Lotion
The Safe Sea Jellyfish & Sea Lice Lotion enables you to enjoy a dip in the sea, while protecting you from jelly fish stings and sun rays. Its patented formula uses the same natural coating of clown fish, to help neutralize the sting of most jelly fish and sea lice. The lotion is available in five varieties. One comes with no sunscreen protection, but can be mixed 1:1 with sun lotions, in order to reach desired sunscreen and anti jelly fish properties. The other 4 come with SPF 15, 30, 30+, for sensitive skin and SPF 50 safe sea for kids. It is the world's only sunscreen gel which was developed for the needs of children or adults with sensitive skin. This helps counteract the stings of jelly fish and sea nettle corals. To get the maximum benefit out of this product, re-apply every two hours for a great beach experience. For peace of mind when on the beach and in the sea, get the Safe Sea Jellyfish & Sea Lice Lotion.

Key Features

  • Helps Prevent Stings from Jellyfish & Sea Lice
  • Scientifically Proven Formula
  • Dermatologist Tested
  • 5 Formulas to Choose From
  • One for Kids and Adults with Sensitive Skin