Aquaspotter for Snorkelers

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About Aquaspotter for Snorkelers

Train smart and train visibly in open water!

The Aquaspotter by GOAT Gear, LLC is a revolutionary patent pending product that provides unparalleled visibility for triathletes, open water swimmers and snorkelers alike. Unlike other products serving similar purposes, the Aquaspotter adds virtually zero drag to the swimmer and no tether dragging behind you to tangle in your kick. A brightly colored flag sits atop an 18" lightweight pole which is attached to a comfortable neoprene belt which allows boaters, jet skis, and other surface watercraft to see you easily. In addition you will instantly become more visible to snorkeling guides, lifeguards, and other observers on shore.
The Aquaspotter allows triathletes, snorkelers, and open water swimmers to Get Out and Train and not have to worry about being invisible to recreational watercraft and people on shore.
In addition the Aquaspotter enables coaches, trainers, and instructors better visualize swimmer's hip rotation, thus potentially improving the swimmers efficiency and speed.
Tips for use:
Wear the Aquaspotter just above your hips to increase visibility.
Make sure the Aquaspotter is snug it should be just shy of restricting breathing.
When using the pocket for bulky items, try not to have the items directly under the pole.
Twist the flag pole as you insert into the receptacle. The pole may hit some resistance on the way in, but should go in approximately 1 3/4". You will know when the pole is in all the way.
To remove the flag pole, grab the belt around the flag pole receptacle and twist the pole as you pull it out. The fit is very snug, so you may need to put some muscle into it. Alternatively, place the Aquaspotter flat on the floor, stand over the pole receptacle with bare feet and pull upwards on the pole with a twisting motion.

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