Aquatec Scuba Military Jet Fin, Black $124.95

About Aquatec Scuba Military Jet Fin, Black

The Aquatec Scuba Military Jet Fin is an old-school" design vented rubber fin with modern technology. This fin has 3 main channels to push water backwards to assist with efficiency and power. Fin is made from the best quality rubber making this fin ultra-durable and long lasting. This proven vented design open heel fin is the choice of combat and tactical units worldwide. Fin is also used by many Scuba Instructors and diving professionals. Fin produces excellent propulsion and comfort in a vented fin.

The Aquatec Scuba Military Jet Fin provides the diver with exceptional speed with minimal effort. Water flows-thru vents on the weaker down-stroke of fining. Vents reduce pressure, providing less strain on leg. The angle of the vents reacts as a solid blade on the up-stroke. The up-stroke provides maximum power and propulsion. Fins are neutrally buoyant in fresh water and slightly positively buoyant in salt water. Fins come equipped with strong and durable bungee cord straps for bulletproof reliability. Bungee cord straps fin straps are guaranteed to make putting-on and taking-off your fins easier and include rubber "comfort grip" puller. The rubber comfort puller provides a cushion between the bungee and divers heel and also provides a large grip to aid in pulling fin straps on-and-off. Easy to use bungee automatically compensates for different size feet and boots. Bungee fin straps are depth compensating because they will compress to changes in the thickness of your boots when descending and ascending during a dive.

Aquatec Scuba Military Jet Fin, Black Features

  • Material: Rubber Rigged Fin
  • Proven Vented Design
  • Choice of Combat and Tactical Units Worldwide
  • Used by Scuba Instructors and Diving Professionals
  • Excellent Propulsion and Comfort in Vented Fin
  • Durable Rubber Construction
  • Provides Exceptional Speed with Minimal Effort
  • Water Flows-Thru Vents on Weaker Down-Stroke of Fining
  • Vents Reduce Pressure, Providing Less Strain on Leg
  • Angle of the Vent Reacts as a Solid Blade on Up-Stroke
  • Up-Stroke Provides Maximum Power and Propulsion
  • Strong and Durable Adjustable Rubber Fin Straps
  • Metal Buckles for Bulletproof Reliability
  • Neutrally Buoyant Fresh Water, Slightly Positive in Saltwater
  • Open Heel with Heavy Duty Dual Bungee Cord Straps
  • Comfort Grip Puller
  • Rubber Comfort Puller Provides Cushion-Between-the-Spring-and-Divers Heel
  • Large Grip to Aid in Pulling Fin Straps On-and-Off
  • Automatically Compensates for Different Size-Feet and Boots
  • Depth Compensating: Compress-to-Changes in Thickness of Boots
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