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AquaSketch Minno Scrolling Wrist Slate, Black/Black

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  • Durability of Slate w/o Slate’s Limitations
  • Simple and Virtually Indestructible
  • Rugged Polycarbonate & Stainless Steel
  • Withstand Extremes in Depth and Temperature
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About AquaSketch Minno Scrolling Wrist Slate, Black/Black

The AquaSketch Minno Wrist Slate is the world's most convenient and durable way to take notes underwater. Not only does it simplify the task of writing or drawing, it also offers unlimited paper capacity making it unnecessary to waste time erasing during a dive. Small enough to fit in a pocket, worn on your wrist or attached to your BCD with a retractable lanyard.

This patented technology has been widely used by NASA, the U.S. military, marine researchers and search & rescue organizations. AquaSketch is dependable, durable and simple to use. Unlike devices that can wear out or breakdown, a quick turn of the knob to advance the scroll always provides a clean surface ready for immediate use. If necessary, corrections can be made during a dive using the eraser pad provided or with a rub of a finger or other soft material. After a dive, all notes and drawings can be scanned into a computer or transcribed by hand for permanent storage. The vellum can then be erased using the eraser provided and reused.

AquaSketch is the only existing practical and effective way to do permanent work in writing, drafting or illustration underwater, or in any extreme environment that may be subjected to water. The AquaSketch Minno has the durability of a slate without the slate's many limitations. It is simple and virtually indestructible, made of rugged polycarbonate and stainless steel. All AquaSketch products are made to withstand extremes in depth and temperature. The Minno has no batteries or electronics. It was deliberately designed to be low-tech, and dependable in the most adverse conditions. Printable; Unlike plastic slates that cannot be loaded into standard printers, the AquaSketch vellum can be printed inexpensively with low minimum quantities. Custom printing of maps, guides and any other reference material for dive operators, resorts and organizations is now possible and very affordable. Capacity; The diver never writes on the device itself but on replaceable rolls of waterproof vellum up to 8' (2.44 meters) long, providing 42 frames the most capacity of any existing underwater notation device. Easy to use; The use of scrolls rather than pages enables the writing surface to be kept flat and manageable in strong currents or heavy wind without the need for clips or rubber bands. When worn on the wrist, it is optimized for easy, single-handed use. The AquaSketch pencil is made of solid graphite eliminating the need for sharpening during a dive. Saving Notes; Any notes that need to be saved can be rolled into the protective casing of the Minno with a simple turn of the knob, or unwound for review. Since the vellum is one continuous scroll there is no possibility of losing pages as with a notebook or wrist slate. After a dive the vellum can be scanned or photographed for digital archiving. Clarity; The AquaSketch vellum is made of an indestructible waterproof material originally engineered for architectural drafting at construction sites. It was designed with a textured surface ideal for use with graphite and/or ink. This enables divers to achieve much darker and readable lines then were ever possible on slates. The AquaSketch frame is indexed in inches and centimeters for aiding in measurements when needed.

The AquaSketch Minno Scrolling Wrist Slate, Black/Black is commonly used for All Diving Applications, Cold Water, Professional, Recreation, Warm Water and more. The AquaSketch Minno Scrolling Wrist Slate, Black/Black is most used by customers who consider themselves to be a Advanced Diver among others. The AquaSketch Minno Scrolling Wrist Slate, Black/Black is popular because customers like the following qualities of the AquaSketch Minno Scrolling Wrist Slate, Black/Black: Easy To Use, Functional, Improves Diving Experience, Lightweight.

AquaSketch Minno Scrolling Wrist Slate, Black/Black Features

  • AquaSketch Minno Scrolling Wrist Slate
  • World's Most Convenient & Durable Way to Take Notes Underwater
  • Offers Unlimited Paper Capacity
  • Holds Up to 8' (2.44 meters) of Waterproof Paper
  • Comes with 5' (1.52 meters) Reusable Vellum
  • No Wasted Time Erasing During a Dive
  • Small Enough to Fit:
    Worn On Wrist
    Attached to BCD w/Retractable Lanyard (not included)
  • Patented Technology Widely Used by:
    U.S. Military
    Marine Researchers
    Search & Rescue Organizations
  • Dependable, Durable and Simple-to-Use
  • Quick Turn of Knob: Clean Surface Ready for Immediate Use
  • Eraser Pad Provided if Needed
  • Durability of Slate w/o Slate's Limitations
  • Simple and Virtually Indestructible
  • Construction: Rugged Polycarbonate & Stainless Steel
  • Made to Withstand Extremes in Depth and Temperature
  • No Batteries or Electronics
  • Deliberately Designed to be Low-Tech, Dependable in Adverse Conditions
  • Printable:
    Vellum Printable Inexpensively
    Custom Printing of Maps, Guides, Other Reference Material
    Great for Dive Operators, Resorts and Organizations
  • Pencil: Solid Graphite: Eliminates Need for Sharpening During Dive
  • Continuous Scroll: No Possibility of Losing Pages
  • Can be Scanned or Photographed for Digital Archiving
  • Vellum: Indestructible Waterproof Material
  • Paper: Originally Engineered for Architectural Drafting at Construction Sites
  • Ideal for Use with Graphite and/or Ink
  • Darker, Readable Lines then Possible On Slates
  • Frame Indexed in Inches and Centimeters

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