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Aqua 360 Degree Regulator swivel (AA56)

Aqua 360 Degree Regulator swivel (AA56) Features

Does it seem like every time you turn your head to the underwater it feels like the regulator wants to pull out of your mouth? This can be caused by several things, tank too low in back pack, hose too short for your size body, BCD does not fit properly, whatever the problem is one way to fix it quick and easy is with a swivel.

Aqua 360° Regulator Swivel attaches between the 2nd stage and hose. It allows freedom of movement between the 2nd stage and hose. The 2nd stage remains comfortable in your mouth regardless of which direction your head is turning. Swivel is made of corrosion resistant durable chrome plated marine grade brass for years of comfortable service.

Key Features

  • Increased Comfort of Second Stage Regulator
  • Helps Prevent Second Stage Pulling from Mouth when Head Turns
  • Chrome Plated Marine Grade Brass
  • Corrosion Resistant