70' Throw Rope Bag

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70' Throw Rope Bag Features

What's in the box: Storage Bag, 70 ft (21 m) of 3/8" Floating Line

Ever get caught too far from an anchored boat and there's a current running? Sure can get tired quick. Smart divers always carry a throw rope to help those tired divers back to the safety of the boat. Be the hero and come prepared for all dive conditions. This rescue throw bag comes comes equipped with with 70 feet (21 m) of 3/8" floating line. The carrying bag is bright yellow with carry strap and plastic quick release clip.

Key Features

  • Dynamic
  • 70 ft (21 m) of 3/8" Floating Line
  • Bright Yellow Easy ID Bag
  • Convenient Carry Strap
  • Corrosion-Proof Quick Release Clip