Rotating Din Cap

Rotating Din Cap Features

What's in the box: Rotating Din Cap, Retainer Cord

If you dive high pressure cylinders you are using a DIN regulator. Keeping your regulator safe from the environment before, between and after diving is considered safe diving preventative maintenance. Allowing moisture to enter the first stage regulator can eventually cause costly repairs that can be prevented.

Protect your investment with this rotating DIN Protective Cap. Simply thread the cap over the first stage regulator DIN fitting and you will keep out on wanted moisture, sand, salt, dust and debris. A threaded DIN Cap increases security compared to push on style and cannot inadvertently fall off exposing internal components to contamination. DIN Cap comes equipped with a retaining cord that allows you can loop it to your regulator hose, making it always handy and ready for installation.

Key Features

  • Protects Your Investment
  • Assures Proper Preventative Maintenance
  • Keeps Out Moisture, Sand, Salt, Dust and Debris
  • Threads in Place for Added Security
  • Equipped with Retainer Cord