"Elastic Straps" for Quest Holster

"Elastic Straps" for Quest Holster Features

What's in the box: "Elastic Straps" for Quest Holster with Quick-Release Buckle

If you have the Quest Magnetic Screen Erasable Slate and Holster, but need a way to attach it to your BCD, here's what you need. These Elastic Straps make it easy to use and secure when not in use. Elastic Strap is equipped with Non-Corrosive Impact Resistant Quick-Release "Squeeze Style" Buckle. Strap is a Great Save-a-Dive Kit Item.

Key Features

  • "Elastic Straps" for Quest Holster:
  • Non-Corrosive Impact Resistant Buckle
  • Squeeze-Style Quick Release Buckle
  • Easy to Attach to BCD D-Rings
  • Great Save-A-Dive Kit Item