Oxygen Pocket Mask with 0-2 Connector

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About Oxygen Pocket Mask with 0-2 Connector

The Pocket Mask is a small, easily storable device that is designed for mouth to mask ventilation of adults and children, and is a must for your diving first aid kit.

Air is administered to the patient when the emergency responder exhales through a one-way filter valve. The Pocket Mask has a built in one-way valve filter to protect the emergency responder from the patient's potentially infectious bodily substances. The Pocket Mask has a built-in oxygen intake tube, allowing for administration of 50-60% oxygen. However, even without being hooked up to an external line, exhaled air from the provider can still provide sufficient oxygen to live, up to 16%.

Oxygen Pocket Mask with 0-2 Connector Features

  • Single use rescue breathing mask
  • Increases distance from patient
  • Pre-inflated cuff for ease of application
  • Quick and effective seal
  • Oxygen inlet facilitates delivery of supplemental oxygen and includes latex-free head strap
  • One way valve and filter acts as barriers separating rescuer and patient
  • Hydrophobic filter to help prevent the passage of liquids and secretions
  • Can be used on adult, child and infant
  • Latex-free
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