23" (58.4cm) Tank NITROX Sticker

23" (58.4cm) Tank NITROX Sticker Features

What's in the box: 23" (58.4cm) Tank NITROX Sticker

It is Expensive and Time-Consuming to have your Tank Cleaned for use with NITROX. Once Normal-Air is Mistakenly-Used with it, you must for Safety-Reasons have it Cleaned-and-Serviced, don't let this happen to your NITROX Dedicated Equipment. Have NITROX Tank Sticker installed on all your cylinders used exclusively for NITROX Diving and there will not be a Costly-Mistake made. NITROX Sticker measures 23" (58.4cm) and is made from Durable Vinyl with Easy-to-Read Layout in NITROX Green and Yellow Colors.

Key Features

  • Easily Identify Dedicated NITROX Cylinders
  • Helps Prevent Costly Mistakes
  • Built-to-Last: Made from Durable Vinyl
  • Easy-to-Read Layout
  • Bright NITROX Green and Yellow Colors for Easy Identification
  • Dimensions: Length 23" (58.4cm)