Aqua 140-Piece VITON O-Ring Kit with 3 Assorted Brass Picks


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About Aqua 140-Piece VITON O-Ring Kit with 3 Assorted Brass Picks

If you Work on Dive-Gear you know the importance of having the Correct O-Rings. Many of the O-Rings used on Cylinders, Valves, Regulators and Hoses are Pretty-Much-Generic. Having a Large-Selection of Common O-Rings is a must for the Serious Diver/Repair Technician. The O-Ring Kit comes with 3 Multi-Use Brass Picks for the Easy-Removal and Installation of O-Rings. The Brass Picks are considered Safe for use on Brass, Chrome-Plated Brass and Stainless Steel Seating Surfaces. Caution should be used as not to Scratch, Ding or Nick O-Ring Sealing Surfaces with the Picks which can render the Sealing Surface Useless in creating a proper seal.

The VITON (Enriched Air Recommended) O-Ring Kit comes with an assorted 140 pieces of the 14 most popular sizes! Cylinder Valve to Regulator, Cylinder Valve to Cylinder, Low Pressure and High Pressure Hose O-Rings, Air-Spool O-Rings just to name a few. Kit comes in a Top Load Sectioned (with Labeled Cover) Non-Corrosive Plastic Case for Organizing all the different size O-Rings. O-Ring Kit makes a Great Save-a-Dive Kit Item.

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