H2YO Underwater Noisemaker

H2YO Underwater Noisemaker Features

The problem you've just seen a great white. You're out of air. Or perhaps you discovered a gold brick in the sand. How do you get your buddy's attention, or help from others?

The solution give Reef Net's new "H2YO" a shake to emit a loud and distinctive rattle that can be heard at great distances underwater. To make sure you sound unique, H2YO is offered with two sounds:

Rattle - several balls inside Click Here for sound demo

Clank - one large ball inside Click Here for sound demo

The benefits there are many reasons to use an H2YO instead of alternative signaling devices:
- It can't be forgotten on shore/boat like a tank banger since it stays on your BC
- Both sound patterns are unique and easily identifiable. Neither sounds like a tank banger...the days of wondering "who's banging?!" are over
- It doesn't require an air supply like many other noisemakers
- It doubles as a gear identifier (different colors for different people)
- It's virtually indestructible.

Key Features

  • Brightly Colored for Easy ID
  • Doubles as a Equipment Identifier
  • Unique Sounds (Rattle or Clank)
  • Attaches to BCD (Split Ring)
  • Requires No Air Supply