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Nautilus Lifeline Pouch

Nautilus Lifeline Pouch Features

Nautilus Lifeline Pouch
The Nautilus Lifeline Pouch is specifically designed to keep your Nautilus Lifeline Diver in a secure position. This pouch is safely attached to your suit or on your gear so that it stays with you. This pouch also has an extra coil tether cable attached to it, which helps prevent any loss by accidentally dropping it. It weighs 0.2lb and comes in a stylish design to at the same time to add to your appearance. Plus, the construction of the pouch allows you to easily carry it in your pocket wherever you go. Move freely with confidence as the Nautilus Lifeline pouch protects your investment, and also give yourself an easy way to always have your GPS-VHF radio close at hand. It is a must have.

Key Features

  • Keeps your Nautilus Lifeline secure on your person or on your gear.
  • Move freely with confidence.
  • Snug to your Lifeline
  • Stylish and sleek.
  • Tether for added security while your Lifeline is in use.