NITROX Gas Content Slate

NITROX Gas Content Slate Features

What's in the box: NITROX Gas Content Slate and Lanyard with Barrel Lock

Calculating your Gas Content when Diving NITROX is the Cardinal Rule. Not writing it down so others can see it is breaking the Safe NITROX Diver's Rules. Never Dive NITROX without this Important Slate. It can Save-a-Divers Life in the remote chance they suffer from Decompression Sickness (DCS). The Content of your Breathing Gas will allow Medical Personnel know the Best-and-Most Proper Treatment to assure a Fast-and-Permanent Recover if DCS occurs. Slate is manufactured from Strong and Impact Resistant Plastic material and has a Durable Nylon Cord Lanyard with Barrel Lock Closure to Chinch it up around the Tank Valve and out of the way when diving.

Key Features

  • NITROX Gas Content Slate:
  • Increased Safety of Nitrox Diving
  • Gives All Information Required of Mixture
  • Durable Construction for Long Life
  • Corrosion Proof Plastic
  • Lanyard with Barrel Lock Included
  • Fits Over Cylinder Valve Out-of-the-Way
  • Provides Important Gas Content Information in an Emergency Situation