Single Vision (Pair) Bonded Lenses Above -8.00 or +5.00


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About Single Vision (Pair) Bonded Lenses Above -8.00 or +5.00

Glass lenses are the first choice for diving masks No other material gives more scratch resistance or offers the quality of optics that glass does Combining these qualities with some of the most innovative techniques in optical bonding assures a prescription mask of unsurpassed quality and durability Each mask is fit with the largest available lens for maximum field of view

These single vision pair of bonded lenses can be permanently bonded in either a single or dual lens mask without a problem Lenses are available for above a -8 00 or +5 00 The actual lens prescription you need will be custom made for accurate and perfect underwater vision

Single Vision (Pair) Bonded Lenses Above -8.00 or +5.00 Features

  • Permanently Bonded Lenses
  • For Single or Dual Lens Masks
  • Available for above a -8.00 or +5.00
  • Single Vision Prescription
  • Optical Glass Quality
  • Best Choice for Scratch Resistant's
  • Innovative Bonding Techniques
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